AMBRELLA Community Mask

1 MASK | 30 DAYS
The Ambrella Community Mask gives you 30 days protection due to its silver ion antibacterial and antiviral filtration layer with a FFP2 / N95 protection level.

Standards: ASTM E 2149 (antimicrobial) > 99,99% | ASTM F2100-19 | ASTM F2101-19 | EN14683:2019

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Ambrella Mask

The Ambrella protective mask is extremely effective against dust, bacteria and viruses protecting the respiratory tract. It is suitable for health protection against air pollution and various bacteria and viruses. The rectangular Ambrella protective mask is made of a fine, air-permeable, 100% anti-allergic non-woven fabric that is characterized by durability, low coagulation and color stability. Ambrella protective masks are resistant to surface dirt, gentle on the skin, breathable and liquid­ repellent.

Ambrella protective masks can be reused at least 30 times and are self-disinfecting. They can be hand washed at 30°C or self-disinfected and reactivate within 4 hours after use. Self-disinfection is achieved by the precisely coordinated silver content in the material of the middle layer. Ambrella masks have an excellent face adaptation through shape and folds, as well as the inhouse made elastic and well fitted ear loops. The middle layer of the mask contains the antibacterial meltblown nonwoven fabric with active silver.

Ambrella recommends:

  • Hand wash at 30 ° C for immediate reuse
  • Alternatively, let it self-disinfect for 4 hours
  • 2 masks for continuous protection while a mask is being washed or disinfected
  • 3-ply filtration dust-free barrier and anti-allergic High, efficiency certified – 99 -filtration 99.6
  • Contains active silvers
  • Reusable and self-disinfecting
  • High air permeability forlong-term use
  • Excellent facial adjustment
  • Protects the respiratory tract from dust, bacteria and viruses in the workplace, on public transport and on the streets.
  • Soft, non-irritating and odorless material
  • Washable at 30
  • 50% more effective than comparable 3-ply masks
  • 30 times reusable


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Why don't you have to wash the Ambrella community mask at at least 60 degrees?

In contrast to textile masks you do not have to wash the Ambrella community mask at all. It is enough to rinse the mask by hand in warm water at approx. 30 degrees, e.g. remove make-up residues. The mask disinfects itself. This makes the mask more environmental friendly and save you time.

Why can you use the mask 30 times?

The active Silver Ion Ag+ kills all bacteria and viruses effectively, allowing the mask to self-disinfect itself. For more information click here.

Isn't it a normal surgical mask?

No, we process our in house developed materials to assure the product can last for a longer period of time, in line with its self-disinfecting qualities. All elements are designed for reusability.

Why is the mask so lightweight?

Being lightweight makes the Ambrella community mask very comfortable to wear. The mask does not absorb liquid, so it does not become heavy like other masks, which is a great advantage in particular if work over longer periods of time.

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