About us

The Ambrella brand impersonates innovative solutions in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) with a focus on sustainability and ecological usage. We resurrected a technology in our first product, the Ambrella community mask, bringing a up to 30x reusable mask using active silver technology to a market, which was flooded with single-use products. Encouraged by the response Ambrella is actively developing PPE products with its production partners which fulfil the personal protective needs, be it at work, in public or at home in a sustainable and/or ecological manner.

Ambrella is a brand of Vabella Environmental Partners Limited, a company with over 10 years dedication to develop and market environmental products worldwide. VEP seeks the best solutions for environmental challenges facing our modern developed world in line with mother nature.


Ambrella Products are designed with sustainability in mind for personal protection be it a work, in public or at home.